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About Personal Stylist Services

What does a personal stylist do?

Maximize a clients wardrobe by getting them clothing that fits really well, looks fantastic and is comfortable - additionally leaving an overall more impressionable and confident image. It can also be further explained as selecting areas that can be enhanced, such as helping a guy who is wearing oversized clothing and get him clothing that fits him well, to make him appear taller and leaner yet not sacrificing his comfort. 

Who hires an image consultant? 

Business professionals, guys whose spouse told them they can't keep wearing the cloths they have worn since their high school days, guys who are dating, or anyone who wants to enhance their image and or style.

How does it work?

We meet with you for a style assessment/analysis - get an understanding of your style, your budget, collect a few measurements, and see what essential pieces is missing from your wardrobe. About a week later, we will get together again, do a closet clean out by removing cloths you do not wear or does not fit well (closet clean out is optional), bring you to the store where you'll have the clothing items already picked out and placed in the fitting room to be tried on. 

Can I do this stuff by myself without hiring a stylist?

Absolutely you can! You can also do your own taxes, fix your own car, and cut your own hair. But do you do all these things? Time, money, and knowledge prevents most people from doing these things themselves. Let's say you know your style and size, but do you know the right fit? You might find the right style, size, and fit but do you know if the piece is quality? Additionally, brand does not always equal quality are different. Yes, some brands have good quality, and some brands say they have good quality but in reality that is not completely truthful. Quality is much more than just going off brand alone. We know the brands, quality, fits, styles, and we have thousands of hours in image consulting experience. 

What are the benefits?

1. Having a maximized wardrobe where almost each item can be worn interchangeably with one another without having to think if items go together or match.

2. Save time and lower stress by avoid going shopping while trying on more things on than you need to.

3. Save money by investing in quality clothing pieces that will last longer, and avoid purchasing clothing pieces you only wear once because it was an impulse purchase, did not fit, or simply did not like.

4. Increased confidence - look good feel good.

5. Increased professional/executive presence - lead by example.